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Asset Tracking for Food Deliveries

When You Want - Where You Want

eBites Food Delivery Card

Used/Carried by Delivery Personnel

eBites Tracking

Location Based Tracking

eBites Home Delivery Tracking

Know when your customers receive orders

Food Location Based Tracking

FDA and State/Local Inspection Approval
Wireless eBite Tags for Deliveries and Inspection

eBites Philosophy

Food Supply Chain for Shortages/Overages

All of Your Customers Food is Temperature and Humidity Monitored from Sensors on the Delivery Truck – Restaurant Delivery Personnel wear IOT Tech to Track Delivery Locations and Final Destinations

We have RF Tracking Devices to make sure the Food Supply Chain and Logistics are handled.

We have State-Of-The-Art Secure Tracking from Container Ships to YOUR Customer’s Counter.

Feel free to contact us. Email: Partners@ebites.com

Food Monitoring Sensors for FDA Inspection of Supply

We strive to keep your Customers Safe to its top shelf – because you and your business need to adhere to FDA Regulations and still make On-Time Deliveries

Food Supply Chain in Cargo Trucks – USING eBites Technology – Freight Sensors, Camera Surveillance and Port to Port

FDA inspecting inventory in a large distribution warehouse

Whether you’re in a Small Neighborhood or Large Metropolis – “Ghost Kitchens” need to be FDA Compliant

eBites has the Technology:

  1. Food Sensing – LoRa, Bluetooth, 5G, ZWave and more…
  2. Location-Based Tracking – Carts, Food Trucks and Delivery Supply Chain
  3. Asset Base Tracking
  4. Food Truck Sensors

Delivery or Takeaway Tracking

eBites has made things easy AND Safe for you by offering Food Sensors for Kitchen-Safe for door-to-door delivery every day

Make Your Customers Feel Safe

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Takeout Available
Home Delivery
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“Protecting Our Customers is our HIGHEST Goal“


“Pretty impressive! Keeping Our Customers SAFE!!!“


“Awesome service and even better because eBite sensors checked the cooked burgers!“



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